Thursday, November 09, 2006

Presents for the poor kids

Today Kasper's class collected money and wrapped gifts to send to children in Ukraine.

It was really cute and I like that everyone has to do it every year. I think the kids need reminding about how lucky they are.

I guess the church sets it up through the schools every year. The church is actually very involved in the schools, which seems strange to me because it is a public school. Well, whatever...

The strange part about the presents is that we were encouraged to put 300-500 Kr in an envelope on top of the box, held on with an elastic. I was told it was for the customs. I think maybe they just steal it. Seems a little strange that they just recommend you put money there to ensure it gets to where it is supposed to go. It is not for postage. I doubt they would have such a huge import tax on things like pencil crayons. Yes, I think some customs officer will be happy to take up to 500 Kr in cash off of 60 presents.

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