Monday, November 27, 2006

Kasper's Turn Again

Kasper is sick again. I think it is just a cold but he will see the doctor tomorrow.
All day he has been just lying around coughing and demanding things from me.

I understand he is feeling badly, but I am getting annoyed and I do not know how well I can hide it.

I spent two hours this afternoon building the Play Mobile hospital. More then once I thought I was done but had made a few mistakes, according to Kasper. When it was actually finished, he did not want to play with it.

I turned cartoons on the computer. He cried because it was too loud, cried because it was not loud enough and cried when an episode came on that he had seen before.

Every time I brought him food, he was not hungry. When ever I just asked if he was hungry he would ask what he could eat. If I said his lunch or the last thing he did not eat, he would say he was not hungry. I suspect he was trying to hold out for something better.

I really hope he feels better tomorrow. Nobody likes to be sick and I do not think anyone likes to be around them.

Besides I have another final exam tomorrow.

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