Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I got mail!

This is the second time I got mail from home and I am so happy.

Today the parcel came in from my dad. I have not opened it, but because of the list for customs I know what is in it.

No the question is: Do I open the box and get the food before Christmas while re wrapping the other gifts for the boys? They might be wrapped separate, I do not know. Or should I leave the entire box for Christmas Day?

I know it was intended as a Christmas gift but I do not know if I can sleep knowing what is waiting.

Thanks Dad!

Soon, one from Tye!

I hope people are gettting the stuff I sne them soon.


  1. Marcia8:38 PM

    Congrats! It's always wonderful to get mail from home! I'm still waiting on 2: one which was sent from the States in September and the other in October. I asked the Post Office about them and as they were not registered, there is no way to track 'em. :( Ah well, the last time this happened, things appeared after about 3 months. So maybe there's still hope. At any rate, enjoy! :)

  2. That happened to me when I was sending stuff from Canada to Iceland. It took almost 4 months.
    I was a little worried, but it arrived.