Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh, it is not too cold in Iceland

Those lying bastards

It is freezing in Iceland.

It is true it is not -30, and you know there is not even any snow on the ground. Looking out the window could easily fool anyone.

Online it says it is only -7, but it feels much worse. The wind feels like is is coming straight from the north pole and is incredible strong.

The wind storm the other day seems to be what winter is all about here.

Any exposed skin feels like it is burning.

I dress warmer trying to stay warm in this wind, and not being that successful, then I dressed in Canada for a blizzard.

Sometimes you can not even breath, only for a moment, it is still a terrible feeling.
I think these winds should have a name like tornado's do, or hurricanes, they seem just as dangerous.

I would rather take -30 and a meter of snow any day.

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