Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Darren's Birthday Party

Darren is in my class to learn Icelandic. He is from England.

Last Thursday was Darren's birthday. I think he turned 30 or maybe just 29.

On Saturday was his party!

The night started out typical. Tonya was sick and could not make it, that always happens to at least one person. Everyone was running late, including out baby sitter.

Mahwish, from New York, and her husband Sammy (I do not think that is spelled right), from Norway pick me up at about 9:30.

We then drove to pick up another guy in my class whose name I can not even say right and would have no clue on how to spell, from Peru.

We got to the party by 10, it started at 8. We excused ourselves by saying we were practicing being Icelandic by not being on time.

I brought beer I had found at work, some people leave beer in the hotel rooms and I had been saving it. I hate beer so I traded it for wine. I don't like wine either, but it does not make you feel so full.

Darren has a cat. I am allergic so his girlfriend, who is a nurse and Icelandic, gave me antihistamines. Mahwish is scared of cats. So she spent a lot of time trying to avoid it.

There were people of all sorts at this party.

A drug dealer from Serbia that everyone avoided.

An Icelandic girl who had super red eyes, which made us think she had been spending time with the guy from Serbia. Ends up she tried to dye her eye lashes and got hair dye in her eyes.
Sammy is an eye surgeon, so it was suggested that they talk.

Darren's girlfriend, I can not remember her name, I am really sorry, was so friendly.
Really outgoing, which does not seem to be a really common trait in Icelanders.

An other guy from England, I can not remember his name either but he was one of the construction workers that was working in front of Kristina's house. I told him off for how long it took and all the problems with the water. He admitted that it probably was his fault.

A guy from eastern Europe who told me to remember that if anyone asks, the vikings discovered Canada.

A really mixed group.

There was almost a fight, but I think it was just some misunderstanding. These things happen when English is the second, third or fourth language of most of the people there.

Finally we went out to the clubs, but the most fun was had at the house party.

Thanks to Darren and his girlfriend for hosting such a great party!

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