Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kasper's Birthday Party

The party went well, especially considering it was at the time of day when all children get a little crabby.

Kasper had 2 friends from school over. Aurora, a nice girl who colored the entire time and Gunnar who is a little crazy like Kasper himself.

Kasper's cousin Garpur was here as well, and Stefan. This is actually alot of kids for our little apartment, but it went OK.

Lucky for us it was Mega Week for Domino's. One week every couple months the pizzas are not so insane in price and you can actually afford to eat them, if you save up a little. So we had pizza.

I made chocolate cake, from the box. That stuff is so extensive here, I really need to learn how to make one on my own.

Kasper got great gifts that he is really enjoying.

We bought him a water bottle, some pencils and fish for the fish tank. He got 5 Svartur Gubby's and a Kardinalar. These names are in Icelandic and I do not know what they are in English, but they look nice and are still alive.

Kristina, Mar and Garpur got him some decorations for the tank. It looks great.

Inga and Rob got him Halloween stuff, which he had asked for. They even bought him some fake poo, it looks great on the floor.

Grandpa and Nana (Berman) in Toronto got them (both boys) costumes. They have been wearing them over a day now, even at night. Stefan is a pirate and Kasper a skeleton.

His friends got him a Bionical Lego guy and a Icelandic\English picture dictionary.

He was very happy.

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