Monday, November 13, 2006

Plans for Kasper's Birthday

Plan A was to get Kasper a TV and old video game. He still will get one but it will be at Christmas and to both boys. We did not want Kasper to think it is just for him.

So, these are things he would like

costume stuff: anything goes here. He wants fake gold chains like Mr T and really likes hats of all sorts. Clothing you might wear for Halloween would be a huge hit.
He is really into dressing up these days.

science stuff: any lab he could build or learn about. He really like experiments.

Of course you do not have to get him anything. Or whatever you want. I am only saying things I know he likes.

I got him a water bottle, he asked for one. I am hoping to find a good winter coat for him still. Only one week to go.

For the kids in Kasper's class, he is just bringing a cake to school. I only really know one kid and decided I do not feel comfortable looking after a bunch of kids I do not know. So there will not be another kids party. Kasper's best friend Gunnar will be at the family party for a while and I will take them out.

The family party will be on the Tuesday November 21 from 6 until 7:30. It is very important that it is done at 7:30 so I can hope he will go to sleep at 8, that is a long enough day for him. There will be pizza and cake for everyone. I hope to see those of you that live close by there.

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