Friday, October 27, 2006

More rain

It has been pouring rain for like a day and a half now and shows no signs of letting up.

I am not talking about sprinkling or scattered showers, it is pouring.

When I walked the boys to school today I came home after because I was soaking wet. A raincoat is not enough protection. Sure my shirt was dry, but my hair was still half wet from rain getting under my hood. My pants were drenched, you would have thought I had been swimming in them. My socks and better.

A person needs rubber boots to walk around. The sidewalks are like rivers.

If this was Edmonton, the overpasses would have long since been flooded. But this is not Edmonton and there must be an amazing drainage system here.

Only one more complaint, the rain gutters around our apartment building have a leak only in one place, right above the door. So, I run through a waterfall, into the rain. It is no wonder I am soaking wet.

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