Sunday, October 29, 2006

Daylight savings come and gone.

Spring ahead and fall back.

This time it is fall back, the time that is.

The longest graveyard shift of the year at Humpty's. I feel bad for you girls. Also the one night a year when the clubs in Red Deer have 2 last calls. Reminds me of one particular fun night out on the town.

After work on Saturday, I worked a day shift, I caught the bus down to Red Deer. Not only was it day light savings night but it was the Halloween party's. I did not dress up but still had a great time.

Janielle and I went out that night and it was great. I do not remember much of it but I do remember when they had last call. Everyone stocks up on drinks as usual. Then an hour later, last call again, everyone cheers. Yaaa! Why not buy more beer?

Finally the bar closed and I had to go home. To Edmonton. There was a Greyhound bus leaving Red Deer to Edmonton at 3:30 a.m. The timing was perfect. It was not fun waiting out in the cold because the depot was closed at night, but still the time worked out well. I was drinking less then a block away.

I caught the bus and had a nap on the way up to Edmonton, the night bus is really slow so it takes 3 hours. I got home, had a shower and went to work the Sunday day shift.

I felt like crap. Sundays are so busy. I had only been working there a month and someone had called in sick. It could not have been much worse.

I remember Simon, back when he was the host, asking me why everyone else was running around working and I was just drinking water. I told him I did not know why,. but I am sure there was a reason for it.

Even though I don't remember much of it, I am sure I had a great time and it was so worth it. I also think I am getting a little old to be doing this now.


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