Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Inga and Rob have a pool

On Saturday I took the bus out to Rob and Inga's new place. They live out in the country now and have a bit of land.

I guess the land is because they want to get some goats and have a farming operation going.

At the new place is a swimming pool. It is outside and just the right size for kids.

We were hoping for good weather so the boys could go swimming. The weather was awful. It was 8 above but so windy it was crazy. It felt like 10 below.

The boys went swimming anyways. At least the pool is filled with hot water. They swam for hours. Már even went out to swim. I am not that brave. I stayed inside, it was warmer.

There is a hot tub too, but I don't think it has been used yet. It might be really nice in the winter, so long as you only have your head poking out of the water.

We had dinner there that night and I think that should be a regular hang out for the whole family. There is lots of space outside for all the kids.

I think I might even ask about he possibility of a birthday party for Kasper there.

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