Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The effects of school on an almost three year old

Stefan is in School now. He goes to play school 6 hours a day. It is changing him.

Stefan has always needed a nap, but always tried to get out of taking one. At school he is proud of his bed there and I am told he goes to sleep instantly on his own. He even sleeps well for an hour and a half. The noise does not bother him. At home I still have to lie down with him to nap and keep the apartment silent, or he wakes up.

He even likes having his own bed so much he wants to sleep on his own bed at home. The only problem with that is he does not actually sleep. He has been spending half the night playing toys in the dark.

Stefan has friends. He considers himself a very popular guy. He refers to every kid in his class as his friend. Stefan has strange relationships with these kids. I don't even know how he can call them friends. He does not play with them or talk to them. That might be because they can not understand English, but still he does not even try. When kids talk to him,calling his name, he does not even turn his head. But they are all his friends.

He takes such pride in carrying his backpack back and forth everyday. Even though all it has in it is an extra set of clothing in case he has an accident..... It is still his to carry.

He plays so well now, with Kasper. Stefan used to just play by himself and talk to himself. Now we are seeing him play complicated stories with superheroes and a tragedy. It makes me so proud.

I guess my baby is growing up now. He is at the age Kasper was when he was born. It is interesting to see.

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