Friday, October 13, 2006

Children Learning by Osmosis

Last night was the meeting at Stefáns play school.

Half the meeting was in Icelandic with English interpretations, the other half just in Icelandic. The speaker was married to a Canadian before!

Some people might say that I could have mentioned that I felt uncomfortable when I could not understand anything. I did not feel like I could because this is Iceland, it only makes sense that they speak in Icelandic. So I felt early feeling badly, but that is not what this post is about.

Stefáns teacher told me that Stefán is speaking Icelandic in class now. I am so proud. They also told me that Mikál, the only other boy in his class and best friend, is now starting to speak English. His mother told the school that he was saying things like please and thank you at home. She was wondering where it can from.

It seems that while they play together they are trading languages.

The only thing is that Stefán is so young he does not understand that there is not just one language. He thinks the words for things are just changing. So, if he knows the word for something in Icelandic, that is what he uses and the other word does not seem to exist to him anymore.

Kasper is learning it well too, his speech now is sprinkled in Icelandic. Because he is older though, it is a little harder. Because I am really old, it is even harder. I am sure it will work out.

At least English is such a common language they will always keep it.

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