Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Chain Mail

I hate those forwards that you are supposed to answer questions in. You know the ones, get to know your friends, copy, paste and change the answers for yourself.

I hope my friends know me well enough not to rely on this for information. Most of the questions are things that someone who has know me for 5 minutes could guess the answers to.

So here is the plan:

I am going to start lying on them. Just small things at first, like my middle name or what kind of ice cream I like. I will send it to everyone I know.

The next one I get I will change the answers a little more still. Maybe my favorite color will change or I might not be married.

The next, my last name might change and I will love action movies.

So on and so on......

I think after about a year, maybe less, I will have created a completely different person.

One detail at a time.

And it serves people right for answering the same questions every couple months.

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