Thursday, October 19, 2006

How I am doing

Honestly I am feeling really forgotten about. I am sure that it is an exaggerated feeling, but still it is there.

I feel isolated. I live in Iceland.

Janielle, you are so far away. I just do not drink as much coffee with out you to drink it with. The gym is not the same with out you. My kids miss you. You are a great aunt.

Humpty's, you are so far away. A home away from home. They really should set up a shower in the back.

Tye, I wish I could actually see your apartment. Someday I will. You have always been a great brother.

Shantell, I wish I was there for you. I really love you so much!

Angela and Gail and the gang, I am sure you are all doing well, but I miss the ever present gossip. I know we all started to drift apart long before I moved, but still every time we got together it was like the old days.

Travis and Cory, you guys are great uncles to the boys and although they do not know what they are missing. I do, and I miss you guys.

Dad, you should email me more. Or call or something. I know you are busy, but really that is only an excuse for so long.

Linda, I miss you too. There was no one better to complain with, about kids, then you.

Micheal, I miss Thursday mornings. I always felt so good after them.

Well, I think that is enough complaining for tonight. Maybe I should just sleep it off.
Talk to you soon

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  1. I miss you too Ko-Leen

    Life for me is not the same with out you and David and the boys...

    I have noticed it after I moved away from edmonton...I dont mean to grudge on this but this is the doing of one stubborn person(not mentioning names) well I hope that one day things will go back the way that they were and that we can live the way we used to in the good old days