Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I know that garbage is yours

Last month a guy came around to all the apartments to tell us he was shutting off the hot water to do some work on the ovens. I guess that means radiators. The next day there was a pile of garbage next to our garbage cans. By garbage I mean pipes, a dresser, a clothing drying rack and about 10 black garbage bags. We only have 3 garbage cans so this stuff would never fit.

This guy lives on the second floor and on the left side from the front. Next thing I heard is he went to Spain for a year or something and was renting out his place.

Two weeks ago we get a letter from the city warning us about the garbage. It is a health hazard and there has been complaints with pictures sent in. They told us to get rid of it. The garbage stayed.

Last week we get another letter giving us three days to clean it up before they do it for us and fine our building some large fine.

Everyone knows who's garbage it is, but he is overseas. If it is not cleaned up we all have to pay out of the house fund. Everyone pays into that for building repairs and insurance, it would be a big waste, considering it was one person garbage.

We talked to the people who live there now. They are friends of this garbage mans. One got a little cranky with me and wanted to know how I knew it belonged to this apartment. I told him I remembered that he was doing renovations and it makes sense that he would clear out garbage before he left. I thought this was his problem. I also got a little cranky and said if it was not taken care of I would personally carry it all up to the attic and put it in his (the garbage man as he is called around here now) storage room, he could deal with it when he got home from Spain.

My outburst did not help the situation. It usually does not.

Things ended OK when I saw the friends with a trailer the night before the deadline. They loaded up the garbage and were taking it away. I went out to talk to them and they said the talked to their friend and he asked them to take it away for him.

I knew the garbage was from that apartment.

I think the guys living there now are still giving me ugly looks when I see them. They certainly do not say hi. To bad, they are managers at a pizza place, maybe I could have gotten a deal. Maybe in another life.

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