Monday, October 16, 2006


The mark of my first test.

It could have been worse, but most people did much better.

But I passed! I am happy enough with that for now.

The best part is there was one question worth 3 marks that I should have gotten wrong but I got right because the teacher admitted she did not word the question well enough.

what day is it today?
what day was it yesterday?
what day is tomorrow?

I answered:
10 Okt.
9 Okt.
11 Okt.

I know she wanted the days of the week, but she had not taught us those yet and although I can recognize them written down, I have no idea about the spelling. So, I thought an answer is better then no answer and I got it right!

Maybe I did not deserve those three marks, but I am happy I got them.

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