Wednesday, October 25, 2006

bit of wind + smoking = less hair

Let me explain a true and terribly embarrassing story.

This morning before class my friends and I were outside to smoke. I went to light my cigarette and a little breeze came along.

I learned that my hair is very flammable. The left side of my head caught on fire. It was not just a little singe.

I was in total shock and Darren, an English guy in my class, hit my hair a few times to put out the fire.

I was so freaked out. My ear felt a little warm and I think it might be a while before my hair is the same.

The entire class could only smell burnt hair the whole morning.

After some serious brushing (lots of hair came out) and lots and lots of conditioner it looks OK now. Not so soft, and I don't think I am imagining that it is a little thinner, but OK.

I think it was the highlight of the week.

Darren said if he was not awake when he got to school, he certainly was after putting out my hair.

So, if they come in threes, I have two more to go....

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  1. Dont Worry it will grow back, I was butter fingers yesterday, I droped my smoke while I was driving. Lucky for me I was in a back alley so that way I could pull over and find the thing,