Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Christmas is coming

Because there is no Halloween in Iceland the Christmas advertising starts in October. And I used to complain about it starting the day after Halloween, November 1.

But this brings up another subject, what would I like for Christmas from Canada?
There are a lot of things I really like that I can not buy here, and these are the things I miss most.

Tim Horton's Coffee
Red Rose Orange Pekoe Tea
Kraft Dinner
Big Turk chocolate bars
All Dressed Ruffles chips

Practical things for my house:
Set of knifes
Ladle (big soup spoon)
Baking dishes, like a cake pan, I like the square ones best
Canisters, like something to put the sugar, flour etc in.

This things I can buy, so they are not that important, But I do need them.

If you have any requests for yourself please feel free to let me know.
Because of the shipping time I will need to know well in advance, not to stress you out or anything!

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