Wednesday, November 25, 2009

At least they were honest about being dishonest

Everyone knows the Icelandic banks are run by criminals. We know they steal money. We know they are dishonest.

But Davíð and I agreed that one thing we liked about our bank, Kaupþing, is how they did not change there name after the crash.

When Glitner became íslandsbanki, changing only in name, Kaupþing changed only to The New Kaupþing. To us this seemed more honest, because, besides the name, there was no change.

But on Monday I went to log into my Internet bank and was redirected to my new banking website Funny because no one even tells us that our bank is changing.

This is a fine example of how sketchy this country really is.

I now belong to a bank called Arion Banks, when I joined a bank called Kaupþing.

But no worries, I think they still have the same criminals as managers.

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