Saturday, November 21, 2009

Everything Else

These are the rest of the pictures that were missing while I didn't have the cord!

This is our local Addias-Siemens store. Dead serious, a tiny store selling all your appliance and tracksuit needs.
Strange product combo...

Here is Kasper at Langbest Pizza for pizza with his friends on his 9th birthday, today!

Last night while out for dinner with family,
Kasper again!

Leó practicing his coolness with the help of his brothers by borrowing this toque.

Kasper with far too much food on his face. Pizza is a problem for that.

A far too happy birthday boy.

His first bottles. Now, with some planning, I maybe able to leave the house alone someday.

Next to us at the bus stop in Hafnarfjörður, after occupational therapy. I think if they are going to put the bus stop next to the ocean in Iceland, they could at least give us a shelter. It was cold and windy.

Leó and Hobbes, a gift from Kasper.

We would like to think he is playing with it.

Napping on his Amma.

Rósa, our racer.

Övar, the newest cousin.

Good dreams.

Trying to block the noisy kids...

Kasper climbing carts at Bonus.

Sleeping by Daddy :)

No matter how many times we tell her off, she still tries to be the baby.

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