Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Coffee with Sabine!

A friend of mine from Reykjavík came out to see me on Saturday, and it was great. The visit brought several points to my attention:
  • My home is absolutely unsafe for small children. Her one year old was digging through my kitchen drawers and found B.B.Q. skewers. I have some work to do.
  • A treat from the bakery has become a real treat now. I was drooling over the treats she brought. I must be eating far to healthy because I could not even remember the time I got so full off cake.
  • I need to see more of my friends. I have been getting far to isolated out here and with winter coming..... It is time to get myself together and get out more!
That being said, I have another visitor, Angel, tomorrow and I need to see Lizzy this week.  So, Ill be OK.

(I also need to learn how to be a better friend and call more)


  1. Michal5:11 AM

    This season change is hard on lots of people. I really like your idea to call more and visit with people. Hang in there. Praying for you.