Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good times on

Probably only because I live in Iceland. Land of the overpriced.
So here’s the story:
My pal Lizzy has gone home to California for a month, less then three weeks left, and offered my the opportunity of a lifetime – I could shop online at, have the stuff sent to her and she would bring it back with her.
Well, as soon as I saw this site I shopped like mad, and now she will probably need to send stuff in a box.
But even with shipping, the prices were a third, or less, then what they would be here.
I got the boys pants for 7.00 a pair…..
I also used the opportunity to stock up on necessity’s like Children’s Tylenol and Baby Orgel. Things that I can not do without, but can not buy here.
I also order a bunch of pictures. I have not had pictures developed in 3 years and am looking forward to doing a photo album.
There was so much stuff….. I may have over done it.
In fact I did manage to spend a little more money then I would have liked, but nothing is free, and the good news is that I would have spent much more here.

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  1. I just placed an order with, myself. Christmas is coming, you know. We send things to my parents, who then go to the post office to send it on to us.