Sunday, November 01, 2009

Gone to town - Last chance for a #5

On Friday I showed the boys what a horrible parent I could be.  I tried to convince them to skip class and come to the city for McDonalds (last chance before it left Iceland) and Toys R Us for a costume.
School or Mcdonalds and Toys R Us. I am embarassed to admit I could only get one to come with me. Stefán said his teacher would be to angery, so he had to go to class. Kasper wanted to come with me.

So here we are waiting for the bus into Reykjavík.

It was early.

When we got there, half an hour before opening, the parking lot was full of cars full of people, waiting for opening.
We came back an hour later, only to stand in line for half an hour.
The place was full of kids, so I was hardly alone in the poor parenting.

 Although the original plan was to get a bunch of kids meals for the toys, they ran out of toys long before we got to the counter.
They were also out of Icecream and shakes.

We settled on a Nuggets meal and a 2 Cheeseburger meal.
The memory will have to last until we can visit Canada.

Here is Leó sleeping on the bus ride home.

Although we rarely ate here, maybe twice a year, I will miss it.
It just reminded me of home.

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