Sunday, November 08, 2009

After years of waiting.

Finally, finally, finally, Kasper has made his way through the waiting list and will now get a proper assessment.
Through Greiningastöð he will be assessed by a team including child psychologists, pediatricians and occupational therapists. Then maybe we will understand...
All star5ting on November 23. There is a lot to do, but we are so excited.

Sjónarhóll is also coming into things, starting tomorrow! They will help us find our way through the system with him, incuding stuff like finding him a good summer camp.

I am curious to see how this turns out after waiting 2 years just to get started.

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  1. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Im so glad to hear that. Hopefully its worth the wait for you gus. Also whys the wait so long?