Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kasper turns 9!

In a few minutes.

But we had the family party already, Inga and Rob's treat, at Pizza Hut!

All 12 of us, this family is getting big.

(Including his sister's family)

Kasper is about to explode with happiness. He got some of his favorite types of comics (Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes) from Stína and Már and a t.v. from Inga and Rob.

They are actually upgrading there own t.v. and gave him the other one, but this worked out perfect because Kasper, with the help of his birthday money finally had enough money for that playstation2.

If it had not been for the t.v. gift, the playstation would have been useless because we didn't have a t.v.

Now we can sit in Kasper's room and watch the news.

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