Wednesday, November 18, 2009

no pictures.

If might have noticed that I have not been posting any pictures lately.
This probably seems really strange considering I have a new born baby at home.
So I should tell you, I have been taking buckets of pictures, but you will get them all at once.
You see, it all started with my friend Cassie. She forgot her camera cord in Australia. So I lent her mine thinking I had two other ways to put the pictures on the computer.
Then both of these plans failed me, imagine that! Just my luck!
Plan one was to use Kasper’s camera. That is to switch memory cards then use Kasper’s camera, which has a cord, to upload the pictures. Then Kasper dropped his camera on the bathroom floor, bending the shutter, and therefore making his camera useless.
Plan two was to use the memory card slot in my laptop. This was actually the best plan because it was simple and fast. Then my laptop died, for the last time.
So you see, even the best thought out plans can fail.
Now, when I get the cord back, you will get a million pictures!

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