Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A week of

Wednesday - Kasper gets sick with the flu, a very messy flu. I do not think you need any more details...

Thursday - Kasper stays home, still very sick.

Friday - Kasper is still very sick and stays home again.

Saturday - Kasper starts to get better, but still sleeps most of the day and has no appetite.

Sunday - Kasper is almost back to normal and Stefán starts puking.

Monday - Kasper is back at School and Stefán is home - sick, sick, sick.

Tomorrow - Stefán will be home and I am not looking forward to what the next few days bring.

Davíð and I can not get sick- It just can not happen!

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  1. Marcia12:01 AM

    Crossing fingers you and Davið will be spared. But reality usually isn't so kind. Hope the boys feel better asap!