Friday, October 19, 2007

Time to move on

Well, I have been working at Hotel Smari for almost three months now and I think it is time to move on.

I have learned some great things that will help in my next employment.

It has been a good experience, but some things are making me crazy.

  1. My responsibilities have increased so much, but they are not sure if they can afford to give me a raise.
  2. I get no overtime pay.
  3. Even working here almost 100 hours a week, I still make much less then Davíð did at a regular job.
  4. They want to close for 2 weeks in December, so I will not be working and will not get paid for these forced holidays.
  5. They are a little sexist. When I work nights it is expected that I help out with getting the breakfast ready. The other guy who does nights does not have to help. I asked my boss why and he told me it was a girl thing to do. I am a little mad now.

So - I think I have taken the experience I need from this job and am looking for a new one.

The official job search has begun again.

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