Saturday, October 27, 2007

A great night out.

Last night the 'girls' and I, along with a couple husbands who were not babysitting kids, went out to ahús last night.

It was actually the first time most of us had met, but the conversation was great.

We have all just moved to Iceland. The longest resident being Cassie who had been here a year and a half. Mahwish and I were close behind and Diane was the freshest off the boat at only three months.

It was so good to talk to people gong through the exact same thing, here different views, give tips and get some back.

We sat for about three hours, then the place was getting to loud and it was after midnight so we all went home, but what a great time.

I defiantly plan on doing this again!

(Everyone meet through my facebook group, the Internet is so great)

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