Thursday, October 18, 2007

So much red

We live on Rauðarástigur or Red River Path in English

Our new neighbor put red lights in all his windows leading to jokes about how this building is the Red Light district of Reykjavík.

To make it worse, he (the new guy) has started to change hallway lighjt bulbs to the red ones.

It is getting hard to see our way around now.

But if you walk past our building you will know you are here from all the red windows and if you open the building door you will be greeted by a nice red light.

It is all starting to get a little creepy.


  1. Michal11:01 PM

    Yuch! Red light?

    Is the phrase 'red light district' found in Icelandic? Let's hope that's not his reason . . .

  2. no, it is not Icelandic, although it has become something of a joke among neighbours.