Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blog Action Day 1 - STUFF

Stuff = Extra clothing, a 50th pair of shoes, decorations and other crap you really do not need.

  1. When you buy new stuff, you often throw out old stuff - adding to the land fill.
  2. When you buy new stuff, you must dispose of packaging. There is almost always far more packaging then what is needed. Plastic packaging, need I say more??
  3. You probably drove your car to the store because no one likes to carry stuff home or on the bus.
  4. The stuff did not magically get to the store, it most likely travelled very far from a place that can make cheap stuff like China or maybe Poland. The trip to your store was long and polluting.
  5. When you buy stuff from these countries with little or no environmental protection laws you know they are destroying more then they are creating.

So buy less stuff, make it last, save money and save some earth.

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