Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Bad Joke

Our new neighbour came over and asked Davíð how to use the washing machine. Davíð called me and I told him that he needs to pull out the drawer on the top of the washer, then add the soap, pre-wash soap and softener in the appropriate spots. I though I had explained it well and in detail.

The next time I go to do laundry, the washer is fine. Then I get to the dryer. I pull out the part that holds all the water to empty it, our dryer saves the water- then we pour it down the drain.
The container is full of ...... not water but laundry soap!


I do not know where to even start trying to get all that laundry soup out. The dryer does not work well when it is full of soap!

So I went to get angry. I am still a little upset - between the two of them someone should have figured out which one was a washing machine and which one was a dryer.

Now our newest neighbour thinks Davíð did it on purpose, as a joke. He, the new guy, say: Good One!

I am not convinced it is a good one.

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  1. Marcia5:37 PM

    That's horrible! Unfortunately, I don't have any idea how to fix it other than to take it to the dealer who will probably dismantle the whole thing in order to clean it up.

    These things do happen on occasion. Everyone makes mistakes. If people give you guys grief, remind them of that.