Wednesday, October 24, 2007

jacoeur1 a.k.a. creepy old man

Maybe, just maybe, I am over reacting, but last night I was very worried and creeped out from this guy.

From he start:

I usually upload my videos onto Google video and embed them from there, no problem, but for some reason it was causing me some real problems so I thought I would try youtube.

This worked. I uploaded the little movies of the boys then put them on here.

Then I get an email, jacoeur has subscribed to my videos on youtube.

I though it might be someone I know, at first, but when I looked at the profile I felt nauseous.

This guy has a collection of favorite movies that would make anyone feel sick. It is all porn or videos of young kids. And this guy was watching my kids playing around....

When I upload videos to Google it asks if they should be included in search results and I always say no but youtube automatically makes the movies public and I never thought to look into and change that until I had the subscriber.

So I changed the movies to private and he can not watch them now. (It was enough that he managed to watch each of them 4 times)

I can only hope now that he gets help.

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