Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Winding down

Finally the holidays are starting to end.

It really is a magical time of year, but it almost drove me crazy.

Christmas Eve I made a turkey dinner at my house. Trying to keep it Canadian, but things were missing, like pumpkin pie. It was close enough though.

Rob and Inga came over dinner and I think things went well enough.

The kids opened there presents after dinner, they were so happy! It was crazy.

We spoiled them a little more then usual this Christmas because we wanted it to be extra memorable. After all, this is our first one all together as a family with no VISITS cutting in and disturbing things.

It was memorable.

They got lots of toys, games, movies, tools, puzzles, Lego and practical things.

Davið got lots of things he needed, like clothing.

I got things I really wanted, like earrings, a cupcake tray, a beautiful sweater and the Sims 2!!!!!

For Christmas Day we went out to Inga and Rob's to have a big family inner with everyone (Inga, Rob, Kristina, Mar, Garpur and Ulfrun). The house was very full and everyone had a great time.

Inga made a very complicated meal including lamb and Greek salad. It was great.

We slept over and just got home today, boxing day.

In Canada boxing day is the greatest shopping day of the year. In Iceland, everything is closed.

I am back to work tomorrow and am looking forward to things going back to normal.

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