Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Christmas Tradition

Let me start by saying that I have so much to tell, and just not enough time in the day for typing right now. I will update everyone soon.

Last year we went to my dad's house for Christmas. As soon as we got there, everyone got sick. I am not talking about feeling a little bad. I mean we were all puking and sleeping the entire holiday. All I remember from the whole thing is my ad doing laundry because my kids kept puking on everything.

This year is looking the same. We are home but we have started to get sick. Davið has taken the last two days off work because of a really bad stomach flu. Kasper is not feeling well and Stefán has been puking for the last three nights. He has been fine during the day, but puking at night. This has made getting ready for Christmas a little difficult. I am not getting out much and staying up all night doing laundry.

If this is going to happen every year, I would like to move the holidays over a month. We might enjoy them more then.

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  1. Marcia12:23 PM

    I hope you all will be feeling better soon. I'm not up to snuff either, and have now lost my voice. Typical.

    At any rate, I wish you all a happy holiday!