Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Shaking with anger

That is how I am feeling right now. And I am literally shaking.

The police are here now and Davið is at the hospital to get stitches.

Lets start from the beginning.

Did I ever mention the assholes that live up stairs that forget there keys all the time. They seem to think we are the people to buzz to get into the building when they come home drunk at 3, 4 or 5 a.m.

This usually happens on weekends.

Right now it is a Wednesday. Middle of the freaking week. And they did not forget there keys. They were just partying outside and thought it would be funny to push our buzzer button. Again and again and again.

Davið went out there to confront them. Came back in, came back to bed and 2 minutes later the buzzing started again.

Davið went back outside. Some angry words were said and Davið hit someone. I guess more hitting happened after that because he came in bleeding all over the floor.

Mostly from his hand.

He called the police, they said if they still kept buzzing to call them back and they would come then.

Really I think they should have came right away.

Davið left for the emergency room and the buzzing started again.

I actually felt frightened to the point I thought I was going to throw up.

The buzzing did stop on its own but I called the police anyways.

Which takes us to where we are now.

Davið just called, he is on his way home.

I will feel better when he is here.

I do not know what some peoples problem is. Everyone in the building knows we have 2 small kids. We are not the party type. We have done nothing to them, yet they insist on this.

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  1. Marcia1:28 AM

    Let me know how Davið's hand does after his 2nd visit to the emergency room... I hope it's nothing serious causing the swelling and that the antibiotics will finally kick in and do their thing!

    I had a wonderful time tonight! Thank you so much for the idea, the yummies, and your company - all much appreciated!

    Greetings to all!