Saturday, December 30, 2006

First Annual Guys Supper

This year Davið started what he hopes will be a yearly tradition.

All the guys getting together and having a potluck dinner, made by themselves.

I was calling it the Gay Dinner, and it went well.

The meal was supposed to happen at 7, but in a typical Icelandic way, was an hour late.

Ten guys, in total, cooked a dish. This amounted to a huge amount of food so I was very surprised when it was almost finished. (There was less then one plate of left overs)

Everyone brought to much wine for the meal. They also brought to much other alcohol.

And these are the highlights:
  1. Einar won at the board game.
  2. Ívar lectured Kasper on the consequences of drinking and driving.
  3. Einar was the only guy who even tried to do some dishes. He did well, but you could tell it was over whelming for him.
  4. Only one person remembered to bring his dishes home. The rest are clean and sitting on my table. There was also 2 chairs, one cell phone and a pair of glasses left behind.
  5. The guys drank 5 bottles of wine, a 26 of vodka and 24 beer. At least those are the bottles that I have found so far.
  6. Einar gave Kasper a geography lesson while he was doing dishes.
  7. Davið Roch slept on our floor and does not remember it.
  8. Some of the guys dressed up in the kids costumes. One was a pirate (with a hat and eye patch), another a princess (with a wand)
  9. Hemmi was the only one to bring a girlfriend.

I think that a good time was had by all. At least by those who remember it. We have pictures for those who do not.

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