Monday, December 11, 2006

First Santa tonight!

Tonight is the first night of Christmas in Iceland.

One Santa (prankster elf thing) is on his way down from the mountains as I type.

Tomorrow morning, if the kids have been good, there will be a present in there shoe.

If they have been naughty, they get a potato.

I met a girl who told me she got a tomato once because she was rotten the day before and her mom did not have any potatoes.

Could some one tell me what the Santa who come tonight is known for? I know one slams doors, one eats Skyr and one scares sheep. That is only 3 of 12. Which one is tonight?

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  1. Marcia7:36 PM

    When this clumsy fellow entered the sheep-cot,
    he gave the sheep no peace nor rest.
    He was having such great fun
    until the ram came up to check on the intruder
    and went straight for the Lad,
    butting Sheep-Cot Clod into the muck.

    I'll send you the rest of them via email :)