Thursday, December 28, 2006

Selecta Foods

I clean at 2 places, this is one of them.

This is the one I enjoy the least.

  1. They do not recycle anything. Everyday I empty the garbage's one 2 floors offices. Every office has its own garbage and every one is full of paper. Imagine all that paper. Three black bags almost as big as me, full everyday. OF PAPER!!! They dump coffee on it, even chewing gum, making it clear enough they have no idea what they are doing. I do not think anyone in that building would know a recycling bin if it tried to bite them. In fact, I saw a recycling bin on the fourth floor, it was labeled papír, and was full of garbage. This is a terrible thing to see.
  2. Because this is some sort of shipping and receiving place everyone who gets an office gets free samples of all they food. This should be a huge perk in Iceland where it is so expensive to eat. I do not know how much gets taken home but I see so much being thrown in the garbage. This too is a huge waste. This is non-perishable foods! I do not know if Iceland has a food bank but if it does food you do not want should go there. If it does not, then it should be taken to the Red Cross.
  3. One man with a corner office called my boss at 7 a.m. to complain that I did not empty his garbage can. This was only my second day of work. My employer explained that I had just started and she was sure it was an accident. Until it was pointed out to me I did not even know his desk was there. The thing is hidden by boxes. When I went to empty his garbage that had been waiting for two days now, he had a very large pile of papers next to the bin full of papers.
  4. Everyone, with the exception of the kitchen staff, talks to me like I am stupid. They all ask if I speak Icelandic, as soon as I say very little, they start with the English. And I do not mean regular sentences. They point at things, make signals and use very small words. I know they can speak English, but they do not seem to think I do. Maybe if someone took the time to talk to me like a person they would see my English is fine, my understanding of Icelandic is OK, and that I am not stupid.

This is generally a very sad job, but the pay is good enough I can deal with it.

I wish they were not so wasteful an am currently brainstorming ideas on how best to confront them on it.

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