Monday, December 11, 2006

Ice Rink

I have an ice rink in my back yard. Over the lawn, sidewalk and steps. In fact it leads all the way past Kasper's school.

We put Stefan in the stroller this morning just so we would have something to hold on to for the walk.

I barley survived the walk back.

Last night it snowed, then rain, then snowed and rained. This left a think ice on everything. There is no snow left, or rain, just ice everywhere.

It looks funny on the lawn. I can see the grass underneath but it is cover in half an inch of ice.

I imagine this is a reason why everyone had metal studded winter tires and why they are mandatory in the winter. It is not to drive through a lot of snow, but to make it on the ice.

Regardless, I imagine there will be a lot of accidents today.


  1. Marcia7:53 PM

    Didn't you go to the closest drugstore and get the attachable spikes? They aren't that expensive and will save you big time from falling on the ice! They're attached by stretchable leathery straps right onto your shoes. In Icelandic, they are called MANNBRODDAR

  2. The studded tires are not mandatory in the winter - actually you're forbidden to have them on your car, except during the coldest winter months. However, you're required to change to some sort of "winter tires" in the winter time - otherwise your car is not fully insured.

    btw, congrats on your cool skating-rink! :-)