Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Night #1

Tonight Stekkjarstaur, or Gimpy (in English), will be visiting our house.

He has come down from the mountain.

These are the things that I do know about him:

  1. He has very long wooden legs, maybe they are stilts. This makes it hard for him to bend over to milk cows.....
  2. He is very clumsy, probably because of the long wooden legs.
  3. He seems to like scaring sheep when they are supposed to be sleeping in the barn.

The boys have been good today so they got a treat in there boots that they left by the kitchen window. Kasper did not want them in his room because he did not want strangers coming into his room, even if they might bring a toy.

This is great. Stefan went to bed good, knowing he would have a surprise in the morning. Kasper did all his homework for the next three days, finished his supper and cleaned his room. But it is kinda like a bribe......

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