Monday, December 04, 2006

Pictures from the summer 2006

These are pictures from this summer, they might seem a little disorganized but I hope I can explain them all so it will make sense.

This is Stefan

This is Marcia

This is Stefan taking notes on Inga and Rob's

Kasper close up

Regular Kasper

Stefan on the hide - a - bed, I do not know why but the kids love that thing and are so happy when we unfold it.

Playing Play Mobile's

Stefan, and it shows he has been eating the 2 breakfasts a day, one at home and one at play school

Kasper always has a smile

Sometimes these smiles look a little forced

Stefan again, same place

Davið blending into our couch. This is the one that turns into a hide-a-bed. It is true it is the ugly couch but I like it best.

This is Kasper sleeping on our other couch. This is the not the ugly couch, this is the one I hate.

Much to close up of Stefan

Regular slanted Stefan

Davið building the bed for the boys

Our back yard the was the place to build stuff. Lucky for us no one else in our building cares about the yard, so it is all ours to use.

Stefan in the hallway of our apartment, you have got to love that blue texture wall.

Stefan again, and that bike you see behind him has been there for monthes and is never used. Once I caught a pant leg on the wheel while trying to get past it. It tore my pants. I was really angery.

These were the girls that lived up stairs, you know the dancers.

Kasper's first day of school

First day again, close up

Stefan in his blue coat, his favorite colour is blue

Kasper at the playground program


some really evil looking kids. Notice the brown skin and white hair, 6 hours a day at the play ground will do that

Some bad tasting toast, I can only guess

These three worked at the playgroud program. They were great.

Stefan at the playground

I asked them to stand together for a picture, they started wrestling

A bit of the deer in headlights look

And I hope that explains enough!

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