Saturday, December 30, 2006


Already, in the less then 7 months I have been in Iceland, I have seen more fireworks then I did in the last 10 years in Canada.

Fireworks are set off for everything, because anyone can buy them. We even got a catalogue in with the flyer's for fireworks.

With New Years Eve tomorrow night, the fireworks have been going off none stop.

Last night it started and since then not 20 minutes have passed without fireworks.

It sounds like I live in a really rough neighbourhood, with guns always firing.

I wonder if anyone knows they are to early. Do they see the cost when they are buying them?

We bought one, we will set it off tomorrow night.

I admit I am not a big fan of all these fireworks. They used to be so special and rare. It meant more when you only saw then one New Years and maybe Canada Day (if there was no fire ban that year). It was more of an event. This is just getting annoying. It is noisy and losing the magic of it.

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