Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Baking Exchange

When I was talking with Marcia I mentioned the Baking Exchange that we had, and probably still have with out me, at Humpty's.

This Wednesday Marcia is having one at her house for us. There will only be 4 people so the baking will be much more manageable.

For the Humpty's ones I always ended up pulling an all nighter the night before trying to get everything done in time.

This year I will have to put much more effort into my baking. I used to always just buy the mix, add water and back. Never failed me, great cookies or cake every time. That stuff is too expensive here.

I thought about making cheese cakes but I can not find any pre made graham crumb pie bottoms. I do not have a mixer either and that could get a little ugly with the cream cheese.

Next choice is butter tarts. Gail style. But they do not sell the frozen tart things anywhere. So I might actually try my luck with some dough. I will look for a recipe today.

I do need a cupcake tray, if anyone has one...... Can I please borrow it???


  1. Marcia11:42 AM

    I have one you can borrow. :) Shall I bring it over in about a half hour?

  2. Thanks! I would have bought one myself, but they are a scarce thing around here. I have not seen one for sale.
    I will return it on Wednesday.