Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ekki í dag

For some reason I have some serious misunderstandings with my midwife.

One big one being about the ultrasound, or sonar as they call it here.

Before we went to Reykjavík we suggested having it done there, while we were in the city. She said no and insisted I wait until I can back to town.

This lead me to believe she could do it. So when I called her last week asking about my sonar and she said come in today at 10, I thought that it was for the sonar. I know she has a small machine for it.

I went in today, full of water and about to explode and she asked when I would want to go to the city for my sonar. AARRGGG.....

I do not think I will go, it is a huge trip to basically find out if it is a girl or a boy and maybe I was not meant to know, or I will wait until I move.

Other events of the check up:
1. Blood pressure lower - looking great
2. gained 1.5 kilo's now over entire 5 months, good stuff
3. baby kicks lots and has a good heart rate
4. only bad news, I got a urinary tract infection, no worries it is common with pregnant women thats why they check, but no I will need pills, next time the pharmacy opens.

So she told Davíð he had an excellent specimen of a women, aside from the infection, everything is perfect:)

This week I am 21 weeks - time is flying by!


  1. congrats, lady!
    coming along nicely.
    maybe the element of surprise is exciting?
    i would be dying to know.
    p.s. - i have officially prescribed to your blog! yae

  2. I am dying to know!
    and so are the boys,
    Kasper wants a boy and Stefán wants a girl but I know they will be happy either way.