Saturday, April 25, 2009

Seat gripping excitment

well almost, but it is election day and even if I have no say the results effect me dearly.

So if you dear friends and family are as interested as I try to be while eating icecream, you can check out some coverage here:

and here:


  1. DUDE
    i just got your postcard, and you are chalked full of sweetness!

    my exams finish tomorrow, and by that point, i will be able to better engage with keeping up with how life is with you.

    although, i just HAD to say something briefly here, in the fit in mad studying - your list of GIRL NAMES.

    okay, a very long story short, which i will hopefully divulge in someday with you to more depth, but the most beautiful dream ive ever had involved me moving to this old, rustic, huge house in the middle of nowhere, on top of a mountain, and the house was full of green vines. i moved there because i learned i was preggers, (which, would be otherwise traumatic to learn,) but i knew i had to move there. anyway, the dream was the most beautiful thing ever, and it set the stage for my entire week - i couldnt shake the goodness and warmth. anyway, i had a baby girl, and her name was -- VERA! and ive never heard that name before then, and so it kinda came outta nowhere...but i was talking to her and calling her by the name, and yeah. EPIC DREAM. so if i ever have a girl (eeeee), then, i will almost have to name her that. so in ways, i hope if you have a girl, that will be her name, too :)
    no pressure!

  2. holy moly - thats deep
    I feel the pressure

  3. hey lady
    can you email me your address?

    : x