Thursday, April 09, 2009

Day 6

Wednesday was our last day of things being open before Easter. The list of things to do is still very long and we managed almost none of it, but I would like to think the most important is done.

Thanks to another late night we slept in again and did not gt out of the house until after lunch, but we did mean to get up early...

Davíð did make it to his work lunch while I visited with Kristína.

I managed to leave my wallet at home but we still finished up the banking.

I also got my immigration papers in and so far no one has noticed that my passport is expiring, I might be lucky this time!

We took the boys to Pizza Hut because they deserved a treat.

We missed the beach with Helgi and Jodanna but did manage to meet Hemmi for a walk. This was extra nice because he moves to Sweden in 2 weeks so it will be a while before we meet gain.

On the walk we saw a store closing so it was selling all clothing for 100kr. We bought the boys some new clothing.

Finally we got back out to Inga and Robs where Stína and the kids were waiting. 

Inga made a huge dinner, with chicken, a big treat.

Stefán did not want any chicken, he claims to be allergic but I think he does not ever remember eating chicken so he was just scared. Either way, he used his special skill of puking on demand to get out of dinner. 

I fell asleep about 8, I really am exhausted these days.

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