Thursday, April 16, 2009


As though I did not seem crazy enough, the plan has changed again.

We have decided to move to the other side of the country again!

Now before you slam your head on the desk and question my sanity hear me out - I have good reasons.

First: Reasons to leave Þórshöfn

1. Work is slowing done for Davíð. He still makes full time hours but how much longer this can last is very unclear and nothing is promised. Businesses have no money for Electrical work and everyone is watching there money.

2. While housing prices go down in the rest of Iceland, Þórshöfn has a housing shortage so the town decided to raise the price of rent by about 10 000 a month.

3. Also because of the housing shortage there is no bigger place to move too and I want more then a two bedroom apartment for our soon to be family of five.

4. There is no hot water here so we heat it, Canadian style, with hot water heaters. Combine this with the higher cost of electricity out here and you have a deadly combination. This month our power bill, with heat, was 28 000 while in Reykjavík we paid about 5 000 a month.

5. Although I know Kasper loves it out here there is no services he needs, like a teachers aid with training and therapy that he needs.

6. The food costs a fortune, all the shopping is done in a convience store and the real groceries stores are actually hours away.

7. Last but not least, honestly I am crazy lonely out here. There are very nice people who have always been good to me but I need another North American to have coffee with. Someone who gets my jokes and doesn't hold the English against me.

Next: Why Reykjanesbær will be better:

1. Davíð's employer has work for him out there, at least for the summer.

2. In the fall Davíð has been accepted into school to get his ticket in Iceland. This will be crazy easy school for him because he has been working as an electrician for so long and they have is spread out over a 4 year program with easy stuff like English lessons. What better way to wait out a horrid recession then going to school?

3. We are approved for some amazing student housing on the old American army base. For about half of what we pay here we will have a 120 meter apartment, not just 80,plus storage. My new home also has all appliances, even a dryer - a luxury I have not had since I left Canada. There is also a dishwasher - also an object of dreams for me.

4. We will have three bedrooms - enough for all of us!

5. The advantages of a smallish town, about 1000 people on the old base, with in a bus ride to the city.

6. School on the base for the kids.

7. Home on a bus route to am amazing outdoor pool.

8. Free busing around to next towns and all the way to Reykjavík.

9. 4 min. bus ride to Bonus, the only store in Iceland that has reasonably priced food. Too bad the vegetables are not so good!

10. I already have friends out there - 2 of them! One from America and one from Australia (a nice one)

11. The base student housing is full of kids, it is meant for family's with a playground on every corner. When we showed the boys, they wanted to move now.

But they have to wait until July when we get our new place, until then we dream.


  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Hey kt, Whats your favorite name on your list of names? Ok and I also notice that you has said somthing about it working in both icelandic and english. Now do you thing that some of those names arent going to work that well in the english language. Im just curious thats all.

  2. hi! I honestly have almost no feelings towards any one name.
    I do want a name that works in both languages. which one do you think would be a problem?
    I thought they all sounded easy to say..

  3. Anonymous1:55 AM

    I thought that the only "normal" names would be ben,megan, and kendra. Have you ever heard of the other names in english. If you arent leaning to one name or another let me help you!!! So how is everthing going with you guys. How are you taking being prego this time. Is it as bad as the other times. If so then your a tropper. Well I hope everything is good for you guys. Is their anything canadian that byou are craving yet?