Thursday, April 09, 2009

Day 4, Eating the whales

With every trip to the city comes a list of things to do that is about 300 items more then you could possible finish.

One of these things was for me to renew my residence permit, but because we were out so late the night before we did not leave the house until after lunch and then did not get so much done...

But I did pick up the forms from immigration and tried to get my papers together.

Then I realized my passport is about to expire and I need one that is valid for at least another year and a half for my permit.

So I got the papers to renew my papers to get a new Canadian passport, then I saw what a huge hassle that is to do from Iceland.

Blegh .... I hate this stuff.

So the afternoon was fun.

In the evening we dropped the boys off at a friends for pizza while we went to meet some fellow Canadians. Helgi, actually a Western Icelander (of Icelandic descent) and Jodanna and old friend and actually Helgis ex girlfriend from Canada. 4 Canadians is always a recipe for good times.

Jodanna brought me goodies from Canada, including Childrens Tylonol, because no one like what you hve to do to sick kids here. Reese Peices and granola bars. Good Stuff.

Because she is only visiting we had to go out for whale. Normally I like whale. A good whale steak is far better then beef, but guess pregnacy is a little hard on the taste buds and I could not swallow it. I do not know whats wrong with me...

But here are the pictures. The girl is Jodanna, there is Davíð and the dark haired guy is Helgi. And the stuffed bear is called monster., he loves whale.

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