Tuesday, April 14, 2009

8 and 9

As with any vacation the last 2 days flew past far to quickly.

Looking back I am not so sure where the time went.

I know we went swimming in the pool at Rob and Inga's. The water was warm but my forehead was freezing cold. I had a really hard time leaving the pool and running practically naked across the yard to get my towel that had been trying to blow away. There is a chance these sniffles are not allergies, they could be a cold.

I also climbed a mountain. This seems impressive until you see the mountains around moso, this only takes half a day. I was tired.

Friday night we found a video rental that was open and rented some movies. The Happening was pretty crappy int he way of story but scary enough that I had nightmares. The kids got City of Ember. There movie was way better then ours and I enjoyed it.

Saturday was meant to be our Easter. The boys each got an egg from us and were reasonably happy. I am grateful that my boys can be happy with very little these days.

We went to Reykjavík, had coffee with a friend (Elena), had the car tires changed, did some serious groceries shopping, went on a boat rise to Víðy Island and had cake and coffee with another family (E.T., Mattew and Viktor).

By the time we got back to Inga's we were beat but still had a huge meal ahead of us. Helgi and his girlfriend came out, while forgetting out friend Jodanna :( in town, Stína and the kids were also there. And we brought Viktor.

So there was 7 adults and 5 kids for one of Inga's amazing lamb dinners.

We ate almost everything and the left overs could be fit into one small container.


Helgi fought for some time on the trampoline and won.

Kristína brought some real cheesecake she had made, New York style. It was super great.

Then we ate more chocolate.

I am not sure what happened for the rest of the night. I fell asleep will the kids started to watch Jurassic Park.

Another long day!

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